Wednesday, January 18, 2017


These general facts are simply disturbing:

Julie Goffstein was found to be an excellent mother.  Even the biased judge (see below) awarded her custody of the oldest 2 boys. 

Eleven unbiased witnesses, including the school principal and the court ordered psychologist testified how Julie is an excellent mother.  The psychologist recommended that the then-husband take anger management lessons. 

Only the husband's brother testified on his behalf. 

The husband lobbed off the payos of the oldest child in his custody (the oldest of Julie's 4 youngest).  After continued religious observance, the father smeared urine on said child's face. 

The now ex-husband continues to use religion as a weapon.

Julie was found in contempt for trying to console her child by telling him that she is trying to return him to his Jewish school.

Julie is forbidden from mentioning Torah, or even G-D, to her children.  Court records shamefully prove this travesty of justice.

The ex-husband ignores court rulings and repeated requests for Julie to see or even speak with her youngest children, who are in his "care."

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